Father’s Day

As today is a Father’s Day, I’ve decided to do something a little different. Read it out below: Happy Father’s Day Wae (@wshazrul ), I love you so much and it’s impossible for me just to give you one sentence of why I love you. So here’s my 11 Things About You Being My Dad:• […]

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More of London!

Hello guys! It has been a while since I last posted a real blog on my holiday, so this one is about my last holiday, where our family were joined by another lovely family. Guess who is it? Of course! It’s Uncle Wan and the family…again. Plus two this time, John and Zaq. Last year, […]

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Disneyland Day 1

So as you guys see from the title, it’s about Disneyland!!! We went to Disneyland Paris on the half-term break for three days from 30th May – 1st June in the Disneyland itself. The journey n the night before was tiring but worth it. We went by ouibus from Victoria coach station, a really good […]

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House Talent

Hey! At my school, recently we had a competition for the whole school and it is about showing their talent (obviously…). Before going to the final night, you have to actually go through an audition in front of the music teacher and some other teacher from the school. Well guys, I have a deep deep […]

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Tour around London!

Hey! So, as you see the title, it’s about touring around London! Yes, I’ve been to Central London for so many time, but this time we have a special guest! It’s… Them! Uncle Wan, Masyur E and my little munchkin, Eisa Zhafran! Yes, and this time, we gave them an awesome tour around London! So […]

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How my Weekend goes…

What a nice way to start my weekend. First, after school, there is no good movie on tv, which mean iPad is the only way to reduce boredom. Also, I have no movie come across my mind, so I have no idea what to watch. Well, I ended up sleeping after finding myself watching Justin […]

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